L’Incontro Internazionale di Senso

Towards a pedagogy of meaning

Public and free university that promotes the search for meaning and commitment to the common good.
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Neither punches nor resignation

Scholas was born from a crisis, but she did not raise her fists to argue with culture, and she did not even lower her arms to resign herself, nor did she run away crying: What calamity, what terrible times! She went out to listen to the hearts of young people, to cultivate the new reality


The University of Senso is a civil university educational institution, based in the Vatican City State, created by decree of His Holiness Pope Francis.

The University of Senso seeks to integrate the current academic training imparted by Universities and Higher Education Institutions, offering the essential skills for an education that integrates the 3 languages ​​of the mind, the heart and the hands. In this way, from the encounter arises the experience of meaning and inner harmony that opens us to mystery and transcendence.

The University of Sense on trial

Experiences achieved and programs under construction
Leadership schools (Fratelli Tutti and Laudato Sì)
International mobility experiences
Virtual community | Classroom without walls
Educators Program for a pedagogy of meaning
Global network of “Scholas Chair”

Our impact

We work in the experiences already carried out and in the pilot of each program together with students from 157 universities, in 35 countries on 5 continents.

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Educational networks
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Pope Francis created the University of Sense and entrusted Scholas with the task of administering it, managing its growth and impact on the lives of millions of young people.

Today, you can become a pillar of the University of Sense. With your support, we will be able to reach more people with a unique and innovative educational offering, centered on what is essential for the soul.

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