L’Incontro Internazionale di Senso

The International Meeting of Meaning, which will take place in Rome and Vatican City from May 21 to 23, 2024, seeks to respond to the invitation made by Pope Francis to give life to the University of Meaning which, as expressed in its manifest, it is not a new university, but a new university; that is not concerned with seeking what is materially useful, but rather what is indispensable for the soul. Eager not to gain, but to give; not to be an academic strength, but a bridge to our deepest humanity.

With that objective in mind, this first International Meeting convenes a group of young people, national and local authorities, teachers, university professors, rectors and leaders from different nations, faiths, sectors and generations - who share this vision - in order to transmit good practices, innovative methodologies and significant experiences, to build together an appropriate way to implement this mission.

The immediate antecedents of the International Meeting of Meaning, among other educational experiences, are the launch of the Laudato Sí School, in May 2022, where 50 young people from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean participated; as well as the International Meeting of Eco-Educational Cities, organized in May 2023, where 40 mayors from the region met in Rome to strengthen the management and leadership capacities necessary to advance on the path towards sustainable and fair development.